The Who's Tommy is Pete Townshend & Des McAnuff's world renown, Tony Award-winning rock opera, and was recorded and produced by George Martin for the RCA Victor label.  Kevin was the guitarist and David was the bassist for this entire Grammy Award-Winning 35 song double CD.  

The Kuhn Brothers were also part of the original talent team chosen to develop and perform this historic project both in La Jolla, CA and on Broadway in New York City.



Citadel, on the Boltax Records label was The Kuhn Brothers' first commercially released recording project. This recording is a vinyl-only release and has been long out of print.  It's very difficult to find, although a few copies can be found online every so-often.  It was released throughout the U.S. and appeared in both of Billboard Magazine's “Recommended Albums” and “Top Single Picks” lists. 




Fatherlike Sons on the Alliance Records label was the only recording made with all three of The Kuhn Brothers writing and recording together. This album was co-produced by John Vanore, The Kuhn Brothers' longtime friend. John has also produced several other recordings including The American Boychoir featuring Steven Curtis Chapman for the EMI label, and Michael Crawford's CD "On Eagle's Wings" for the Atlantic Records label.




Symphony For Blues is one of many albums featuring the music of The Kuhn Brothers' father, Joseph Kuhn.  He was an arranger, composer and conductor for the world famous recording orchestra “One Hundred and One Strings” of Hamburg, Germany. It was originally released on the Somerset Records label, and then years later re-released on the Alshire Records label.  The Kuhn Brothers' mother was Anna Marie Kuhn, aka Anna Maria Conti, internationally renowned dramatic soprano.  The Kuhn Family has been performing on stage and in theatre and music for three generations, and now on records and film for two.

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